Seeing Double

Any time that I get a new stash of Emmitt cards — a lot of which have recently come from Catch22 — I always look through each one, appreciating the various design elements, photographs, special effects (holograms, foil stamping, refractor), stats on the back, etc. Every now and then, I get a feeling of déjà vu as I do this. Sometimes it turns out to be a parallel I didn’t know about or a double I didn’t realize I already had. But sometimes, I can’t find any real reason why I had that feeling.

This happened again recently as I was uploading and organizing a large batch of scans for my Emmitt Smith Collection website (currently undergoing a huge renovation behind the scenes). There was one card I just knew looked vaguely familiar. Well, after a little hunt and peck action, I found my answer. Check out these two cards, produced 10 years apart by The Upper Deck Company:

1999 Upper Deck MVP2009 Upper Deck Heroes
1999 Upper Deck MVP               2009 Upper Deck Heroes

Unless I am still not seeing straight, that sure looks like the same photo of Emmitt on both cards. It looks like they just cropped, resized, and lightened the image from the 1999 card for the 2009 card. As more and more cards of Emmitt are produced after his retirement, it will be interesting to see how many more of these pop up, along with any others in my collection already that I just haven’t noticed yet. I also pointed out a similar thing from The Topps Company, Inc. way back in the third post I ever wrote here. I was quite annoyed at that time, but now I just accept the fact that it’s going to happen, especially since Emmitt retired 5 years ago after wearing a Cardinals jersey for a few years. It doesn’t mean that I love the 2007 Topps Co-Signers or 2009 Upper Deck Heroes cards any less. It’s now rather amusing to see how many more examples I can find.


2 Responses to Seeing Double

  1. jswaykos says:

    This is the one thing that truly bothers me about the hobby. If the companies are expecting us to shell out good money for these cards, why can’t they at least use different pictures for each one? They’ve gotta have hundreds of each player to pick from, I don’t see why this is should be an issue.

    I especially hate it when it occurs across different sets from the same manufacturer in the SAME YEAR!! Drives me crazy. Yet I still buy cards. The companies win.

  2. Nice catch. It’s baffling. Simply baffling.

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