I’m No Fool

Okay, blogosphere, you win.

In trying to decide what today’s flavor would be from the First and Goal menu, I thought it would be amusing to write a mock retirement post saying that after a long and tumultuous period of trying to balance my personal, professional, and blogging lives, I felt it necessary to walk away from this venture. I even considered adding that due to my recent surge of activity, my employer had finally had enough and was letting me go for too much personal internet usage. I was going to type this all out, post a picture of a stern-looking Emmitt Smith saying that just like Emmitt, I am ready to face the uncertain future, and then around 10:00pm tonight add an update to the post that simply read: “UPDATE: April Fools.” You know, real jerk-like.

I got about two sentences into this devilish scheme when I thought better of it. Just my luck, people would either take it too seriously and send me tons of emails saying to hang in there (that I would then have to reply to admitting my awful joke) or everyone would just chuckle at my demise, take me off their blogroll, and never read my crap again. Neither of those are terribly appealing to me, so instead of writing a terrible mock retirement post, I am writing a terrible explanation post about my terrible mock retirement post. You follow?

And if you’re still reading after all of that, kudos to you. I would like to reassure you that I’m not finished yet and that two more boxes of 2010 product are currently en route to my humble abode and will hopefully be reviewed early next week, very busy weekend pending.

And just for S & Gs, here is that aforementioned Emmitt card:

1995 Upper Deck Special Edition
Just like Emmitt, I am ready to face the uncertain future

6 Responses to I’m No Fool

  1. Slamdunk says:

    That would have been funny, but you are right it could have generated too much sympathy.

  2. My April Fool’s joke is that I am not playing any April Fool’s jokes.

  3. Tim H. says:

    You’re fired!

  4. CPAdave says:

    Dammit! I KNEW it was a bad idea!!!

  5. Tim H. says:

    We’ll give you a severance package consisting of a case of 87 Topps baseball, 91 donruss, 91 fleer, and 1992 Spanish Pro Set football.

  6. CPAdave says:

    Oh man! Why can’t I get fired EVERYDAY…

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