Blogosphere Kindess, Pt. 3

To risk sounding like a broken record, I will once again say that the thing that has amazed me the most since beginning this blog is the incredible good nature and kind-heartedness of my fellow collectors and bloggers. I once again have someone who deserves much thanks from yours truly. The card you see below is why:

1997 Score New Breed #17
1997 Score New Breed #17 Emmitt Smith

There is nothing paticularly special about this card. Granted, I am discounting the fact that it is an Emmitt Smith card and that it is a shiny insert from 1997. Let’s not get hung up on the details. But on the surface, this one lone card is not significant. I received it in a plain toploader wrapped inside a blank white piece of paper in a plain white envelope from a fellow collector. So no, there is nothing spectacular about this one card, even though it was sent to me completely free of charge. What’s makes this card so special to me, then? For what it caps off.

A fellow Emmitt Smith enthusiast has been sending me Emmitt cards over the past few months. Somehow he stumbled upon this humble blog, looked over my Emmitt Smith Collection list, and informed me he had about 30 Emmitt doubles that were not on my list and he would be willing to trade them to me for just 7 of my doubles that he did not have. Of course! Practicing due diligence in the skepticism realm, I waited to even gather his request until I received his package. And boy did he deliver. I was thrilled. A bunch of brand spanking new Emmitts for nothing more than a few of my dusty doubles. That was great.

And then just like an infomercial host, I got a “But wait! There’s more!” email from him. He told me he retrieved a huge bundle of Emmitts he sold to a co-worker for which he never got paid. He said he’d send me anything that wasn’t on my list, so I should make sure it was updated. Lo and behold, this fella sent me well over 100 new additions to my collection. Holy cow! And these weren’t all base cards from 1993. He included a lot of sweet inserts and high end base cards that would have cost me several pretty pennies to get online. We arranged another trade, this time me sending him all of my Michael Irvin, Jerry Rice, Warrick Dunn, and Ray Lewis cards. That might sound like a lot, but for whatever reason, I did not have an abundance of any of those players, which was completely fine with him.

Since then, he has sent me at least three additional single cards that I did not previously have, the latest being the Score New Breed pictured above. And what makes it even cooler? He continually sends these Emmitt Smith cards even though I have been blasted at work and haven’t had a chance to package and mail my end of the deal. He just keeps sending new cards and always says “Don’t worry about it. I know you’ll get to it. Take your time.”

This kind fellow collector, whom I will simply call Catch22 since I don’t know if he would want me to share his actual contact information, is not necessarily a fellow blogger, but he does have his own Emmitt Smith card website, The Emmitt Zone. His collection beats piss out of mine and is worth your while checking out. His packages are also a big reason I have been so slow in updating my own Emmitt card site, but that is a problem I am happy to deal with.

Thanks, Catch22. Here’s hoping that we have many more trades between us…and that I finally get your package mailed out…


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  1. Tim H. says:

    Cool beans!

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