HOF Spotlight: Bob Waterfield

Name: Bob Waterfield
Position: Quarterback
Pro Career: 1945 – 1952
Team Affiliation(s): Cleveland/Los Angeles Rams
College: UCLA
Induction Class: 1965

Brief Bio: A long-ball passer with a knack for come-from-behind heroics, Bob Waterfield led a dangerous and feared Rams offense in the post-WWII era of the NFL. Waterfield threw two decisive touchdowns in the 1945 championship game en route to his first of five first- or second-team All-NFL bids and was the first rookie to ever win league MVP honors. He also led the Rams to three straight championship cames from 1949-1951, winning it all in 1951. A truly versatile threat, Waterfield was a standout defensive back his first four years in the league, a punishing punter, and a deadly placekicker.

Career Stats: 91 games played; 50.3% completion percentage; 11,849 passing yards; 97 passing TDs; 13 rushing TDs; 315 PATs; 60 FGs; 42.4 yard punting average; 20 interceptions

1948 Leaf #26

Featured Card: 1948 Leaf #26. Similar to fellow HOFer Steve van Buren, Waterfield is one of the notable rookie cards in the colorful (albeit airbrushed) 1948 Leaf set. Trivial Beckett value is $250. There are actually a lot of copies of this card on eBay at the moment, with prices ranging from $38 (the scan showing an obvious horizontal crease in the middle of the card) to $449 (a PSA 5). As always with vintage cards, beware of fakes and reprints. This may not be a T206 Wagner, but some people will stop at nothing to make an easy dollar. Also, be sure to know what you want in your collection. If you want the highest grades possible, expect to pay a significant markup for your additions. If you just want to be able to say you have certain cards, look around and try to find lesser known but reliable sellers who are willing to cut deals, especially if you are in the market for several cards at once.

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