Winner, Winner…

…Chicken Dinner (I love SportsCenter).

After a huge turnout (which I partly blame on my overall absence in the blogosphere the past several weeks), there could be only one true victor in the 10,000 Hit Contest. That winner is the man, the myth, the legend: Captain Canuck, a fellow football card blogger and self proclaimed Waxaholic. Congratulations, sir. Your package of two unopened packs, two autographed cards, three relics and (I think) five base cards will be on the way to the Great Northern Wild soon.

One side note for Joe, how many times will you come in second place before you finally win one of these things? I hope your loyalty pays off someday soon (although I can’t guarantee that will take that into consideration).

If you are not the Cap’n or Second-Fiddle-Joe, or you just have the appease your conspiracy theory demons, you can click here to see the full run down off all 13 entries. Apparently couldn’t care less if you bought a card from me on eBay. I guess it’s fitting, too, given this contest was to celebrate a blog milestone. Perhaps when I hit $10,000 in sales and hold another contest, the tables will turn and all will be right in the contest world.

To everyone who entered, thank you for participating. Hopefully you enjoyed it and will continue to come back (especially you new guys). And to all of you who didn’t enter: what the hell is wrong with you? It was a scott free chance to win some cards. Geez.


2 Responses to Winner, Winner…

  1. Woot!

    if it’s free, it’s me!

    thanks for the contest!

  2. Joe S. says:

    Gah! Always the bridesmaid… One of these days I’ll win. Until that day comes I’ll just have to stick with buying my football relics from the bargain bin.

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