Giving Credit…

…where credit is due.

In an age when more and more people seem to be self-focused and self-serving, it’s nice to stop and recognize the instances when people go out of their way to make your life a bit less of a mess or at least a little bit more satisfying. We also seem to live in an era dominated by corporate greed, so I feel like it’s even more important to point out the few times when a large company seemingly bends over backwards to make sure you have a positive experience. I recently had such an experience with Dave and Adam’s Card World.

In early December, I wanted to scratch my card buying itch and take advantage of the holiday shopping bargains at the same time. Having had a great buying season with Dave and Adam’s last year, that is where I started. I bought three boxes of 2008 Masterpieces and threw in some supplies I needed to bring me over the level 2 free gift threshold. When I went to check out, I entered a $10 coupon I had received in my email. When it came time for me to select my free gift, I noted I only had level 1 options. I picked another pack of 2008 Masterpieces and then decided to email customer support to inquire why I did not get a level 2 gift. They responded quickly and let me know that I should have received a level 2 gift because the gift thresholds were based on sub totals and should not have taken into account my $10 coupon (which dropped me below the threshold). They said the order already went to the warehouse, but my account would be marked to receive a level 2 gift the next time I ordered anything, regardless of the final price. Cool.

When I made my next purchase, I emailed customer support again to ensure I did receive my “extra” level 2 gift. They assured that I would and lo-and-behold, when I received the package it did in fact have 2 level 2 gifts (as I had once again ordered enough to get to that level). I was really excited…until I noticed that the box of pages I pulled from the package was 1 pocket 8″x10″ pages, not standard card 9 pocket pages. CRAP! I looked at the packing slip and then hurried to my computer to check my emailed confirmation. Much to my chagrin, both said I had ordered the 1-pocket pages. DOUBLE CRAP! So once again I emailed customer support, explaining what had happened and asked if there was any way that I could return the product in exchange for what I wanted, even though it was my fault. Sure, they said, just mail it back with a note.

During the holiday rush, it took me a week or so to get it mailed off. Earlier this week, I got an email saying they received my return but that they were out of the platinum pages and if I would accept silver instead. I said I was willing to wait if it wouldn’t be back ordered for too long. The lady checked with purchasing, noted they just received a shipment of the pages, and before I knew it, I had another email saying my package was shipped. Today, the package arrived. Woot!

Through numerous emails and requests, the customer support team could not have been nicer or more helpful. It is really nice to know there are still some people out there that actually care about their customers and are willing to go the extra mile to make them happy. Dave and Adam’s did just that, and I am definitely a happy customer!


One Response to Giving Credit…

  1. really great to hear. now if they were only that helpful to their canadian customers.

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