Dealing with Oversized Cards

As a player collector, it is obviously very important to me that all of my Emmitt Smith (and Curtis Conway) cards stay together in an organized manor. While this is not usually a difficult task (except for the fact that my Emmitt collection is outgrowing the tin I am currently using to house it), there are a few bumps in the road. One of my pet peaves is oversized cards. I mean, really, what am I supposed to do with these things? Are they Emmitt cards? Obviously yes. Are they cool? Sort of. Is it remotely necessary that they are so oversized? NO! At least with some of my non-standard sized cards, I can still put them into a normal top loader and file them away in order (like Goudey and Mayo throwbacks). But not oversized cards. No sir. They require their own special top loader and must be taken out of their proper order and given a special spot…stuffed down along the side of the tin beside all of the other normal cards.

Seriously, are these necessary?

1994 GameDay Flashing Stars1990 Score Supplemental RC1994 GameDay Game Breakers
Click each image for a full-sized scan

To all of you other player (or team) collectors out there: what do you do with oversized cards? I know you all have box toppers, 5x7s, and other unneccessarily large cards. How do you cope? Do you just let them hang outside of the traditional borders of your collection? Do they reserve a special storage designation? Are you just not as organizationally anal as I am?

Please help!


4 Responses to Dealing with Oversized Cards

  1. jswaykos says:

    I hate these, too. They’re nice, and you want to save and protect them, but it’s almost impossible. If it’s a box topper that came from a set I’m collecting, I just put it in that sleeve on the front of binders. Otherwise, I just trade them away…

    Speaking of oversized cards, did you ever get any of those “Gameday” cards back in the day? I think they were sorta shaped like a ticket. For some reason I purchased a pack of them, and I remember thinking they’d one day be worth a TON because of how unique they were.

  2. CPAdave says:

    No, I never bought any back in 1994. The only two I have (pictured above) were part of a large lot I bought on eBay almost a year ago. Luckily, the guy who sold them to me put them in tall top loaders. So they are protected, but they just do not fit into my collection well at all.


  3. Alex says:

    Having close to 2500 Favre cards I have more than my fair share of Favre oversized cards and as such they have their own special storage bix, separate to regular sized Favre cards.

  4. Alex says:

    Sorry, it should be their own storage BOX, not bix.

    Oh, and I always loved those 1994 Gameday Flashing Stars cards. I just wish I hadn’t sold my set of them now. Oh well, I’ll survive.

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