The Status of First and Goal

Be honest.

How many of you saw this post’s title in an RSS feed and clicked with hesitation, hoping that another blog wasn’t being shut down for very unfortunate reasons? Seriously, be honest. If that statement is true, I sincerely thank you for thinking so highly of me. And if that statement is almost true, except you clicked on the title with much excitement because you thought I would no longer be writing, well, too bad. I’m not going down this easily.

At least not yet.

In case you didn’t notice, the posting on First and Goal has taken a hit recently with most of my offerings being reoccuring posts that, quite frankly, have become methodical to write and are often (*GASP!*) written ahead of time and scheduled to appear at a specific time. Have I grown tired of blogging? Am I walking away from the Hobby again like I did years ago? Have I run out of things to talk about?


The simple answer is that time has been short recently. Some of you may recall that my wife and I purchased our first home at the end of this past summer. Living in a fairly wooded area and not having years of experience/practice, Northeast autumn maintenance and readying the property for the cold winter months ahead of upon us, my time just isn’t going as far as it did when we lived in an apartment. Also, as some of you might be aware, the holiday season is just about in full force, which brings decorating, shopping, cards (of the greeting variety), etc. And looking ahead, things are just going to get worse. I am an accountant, and tax season is just around the corner. Goodbye sleep and freetime, hello long hours and deadlines. There is a reason I started this blog in May.

I just wanted to throw this out there in case anyone is or will soon be wondering why the level of effort doesn’t seem to be present here like it was previously. On a bright note, I had a two-day tax seminar this week that allowed me to sit down and brainstorm some post ideas. I currently have a list of 50 post possibilities (sadly, I had to include this post on the list to make it an even 50). I can’t guarantee all of those will come to fruitation or that the ones that do will ripen shortly. I can promise that now that I have some goals, I will do what I can to set those in motion.

On a slightly related note, a recent trade (future post) has resparked my interest in my Emmitt Smith collection. I am currently working to update my list and am completely revamping my Emmitt Smith Collection website. Hopefully that will be up and running soon. I had to learn some new web coding to achieve my goals, so hopefully it comes together as I hope it will.

Oh, and one last thought: thanks for reading. If the site meter told me 3 people visited each day, I probably would have stopped writing a while ago. Thanks for the continued support…


3 Responses to The Status of First and Goal

  1. you can’t stop… finding football trading buddies is almost impossible.

  2. Tim Hertzog says:

    I got your back! You know us locals will stick together! LOL~

  3. Play at the Plate says:

    I wish I has 50 ideas. I for one wii read them when you post them. Good luck getting through tax season

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