Heisman Highlight: Frank Sinkwich

Heisman Highlight

Name: Frank Sinkwich
Position: Halfback
College: Georgia Bulldogs
Class: Senior
Winning Year: 1942 – 8th Award
Official Heisman Profile: Click Here

Interesting Notes: Sinkwich dominated the Heisman voting and won all five regions handedly…racked up 382 yards passing and rushing in what is considered the greatest Orange Bowl performance of all time…enjoy modest success in the NFL…was one of the first college players to wear a face mask (to protect his broken jaw)…was elected to the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame in 1954.

1955 Topps All American #69

Featured Card: 1955 Topps All American #69. Despite playing several years in the NFL, Sinkwich was not featured on a football card until the legendary 1955 set from Topps. A relatively forgotten player, Sinkwich’s only rookie card rarely tops $20 on eBay and can even be found for about $5 if a high grade is not a big concern for your collection.

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2 Responses to Heisman Highlight: Frank Sinkwich

  1. jswaykos says:

    While watching the most recent Heisman Trophy presentation I couldn’t help but think that the list of past winners has become a “Who’s Who” of draft busts.

  2. CPAdave says:

    Ah, so sad, yet so tragically true.

    Unless you’re talking about Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, and Troy Smith…no one cares about USC or OSU has-beens.


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