Fantasy Focus: Week 11

Fantasy Focus

As you gear up for this weekend’s upcoming games by realigning your fantasy rosters to optimize matchups, let’s take a quick look back at last week’s studs. (Note: Points listed are directly from the First and Goal Fantasy League and may not represent point totals in your individual leagues)

*Fantasy Stud of the Week*
QB: Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions — Detroit and Cleveland in a shoot out?!? Detroit and Cleveland giving us one of the best games of the season?!? Holy crap! In a surprising game of breakouts for highly touted college QBs Matthew Stafford and Brady Quinn, Stafford ended the day on top. His 422 passing yards and rookie record-tying 5 TDs (something that hadn’t been done since 1937) helped lead the Lions to an exciting last minute victory. Despite his 2 interceptions, Stafford amassed 34 fantasy points, a dominate performance for any player, let alone a rookie quarterback. The most impressive part of his outing? Staying on the field and throwing the game winning touchdown with a separated shoulder. The kid’s got guts, that’s all I’m saying.

Matthew Stafford

RB: Ricky Williams, Miami Dolphins — When the Dolphins announced Ronnie Brown was out for the season, many thought the whole team was out for the season. Ricky Williams set out to prove them wrong. Rushing for 119 and 2 touchdowns, as well as picking up 19 receiving yards and another touchdown, Williams accumulated 30 fantasy points, best in the league amongst running backs in Week 11.

WR: Terrell Owens, Buffalo Bills — Trying to quiet some of his critics, Owens had a respectable performance in Week 11. Hauling in 9 receptions for 197 yards, including a team-record setting 98-yard touchdown, Owens picked up 25 fantasy points. While he may have helped some fantasy teams to victory, he still cannot find a way to lead Buffalo to a win. The Bills have now lost 3 straight and 6 of their last 8 games. Hopefully Owens will shut up and put up for a little while longer.

TE: Kevin Boss, New York Giants — A relative unknown in many circles, Boss has now been the league’s top fantasy tight end twice this season. By pulling in a personal-best 5 passing for 76 yards and 2 touchdowns, Boss scored 19 fantasy points in Week 11. He still may not be a consistent threat, but he is proving that he certainly deserves more attention moving forward.

K: Billy Cundiff, Baltimore Ravens — In his first game as a Raven, Cundiff did what none of his teammates were able to do in Week 11: score points. In the 17-15 loss to the Colts, Cundiff’s 5 field goals amounted to all of Baltimore’s offense. In fantasy leagues, he actually put up 17 points. Too bad the NFL doesn’t award bonus points for 40+ yard field goals like fantasy leagues do.

D/ST: New England Patriots — As a team that usually embarasses its opponents on the offensive side, this week the Patriots turned out a solid defensive performance. While only allowing 14 points and racking up 2 sacks, 4 interceptions, 1 fumble recovery, and 1 touchdown, the Patriots D scored 19 fantasy points, best in the league amongst defensive units.

ROOKIE: Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions — See Above. This is the first time this season that a rookie topped his class and position. But Staford didn’t stop there. He also topped all fantasy performers and earned best rookie, best QB, AND Fantasy Stud of the Week.

Check back next week for another edition of Fantasy Focus as we recognize the week’s best fantasy performers. Best of luck to you in your respective fantasy football leagues!

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2 Responses to Fantasy Focus: Week 11

  1. peoplespigskin says:

    Ricky must be easy to coach. All you have to do is tell him there’s a giant bag of Doritos in the end zone, and off he goes.


  2. Drew says:

    Stafford had a heck of a week. I’d LOVE to see Sanchez do something like that next week!

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