Pull of a Lifetime

I have written in several posts about my return to the hobby in mid-2008 and the subsequent buying binge I went on, which reached an expensive climax right around Christmas. As my first run through the Hobby resulted in me buying lots of mid-to-late 90s retail wax and a few singles from my local hobby shops, I was blown away with the vast quantity of game used swatch cards and autographed cards available in every box. When I left the Hobby, jersey cards were just beginning to be inserted and autographs were extremely rare parallels. Every hobby box I ripped through contained more and more hits and I became more and more excited. The ultimate (pun intended) was the two boxes of 2007 Ultimate Collection football I purchased. Each box only contained 16 cards (4 per pack), but almost every card featured pieces of jersey and/or autographs. While opening my second box, carefully examining each card, I was completely dumbfounded when I flipped over this beauty:

Adrian Peterson Autograph RC Gold
Click image for a full sized scan

This gem is an autographed Adrian Peterson Ultimate Collection rookie card gold parallel #20/25. As a guy who once got really excited to pull a basic insert card of Michael Jordan or Emmitt Smith (like UD Choice Starquest), you can imagine the level of excitement this pull created. I immediatly dug out the 1″ Lucite screw down holder I had purchased years ago in case I ever pulled a really valuable card. I figured this card fit that bill. At the time, I still depended on Beckett’s online price guides. When I looked this card up, the excitement level kicked up a notch when I saw a $1,000 book value attached to the card. In my current knowledge, I realize how trivial book values are and know I probably could not actually get $1,000 for the card, but it is still an amazing pull.

So now, just like a lot of the other cards occupying space in my home office, I have to ask myself what I should do with it. Should I list it on eBay to capitalize on Peterson’s currently very high popularity and to help recapture a good chunk of change I dropped on wax last year? Do I try to track down a die-hard Peterson collector and negotiate a sales price or high profile trade? Or do I simply hold onto it and either hope his stock only continues to soar higher or tuck it away to always remind myself of the greatest pull of my life (so far)?

If you had pulled this card, what would you do with it? If you wanted this card, how much would you pay for it?


3 Responses to Pull of a Lifetime

  1. wickedortega says:


  2. Tim H says:

    Considering I pulled a 1/1 finest Adrian Peterson plate auto rookie I was considering the possibility of selling it so I …..I held onto it instead. It will be worth it down the road ahead. (the card is listed in my photobook on my site).

  3. jswaykos says:

    Ya know, when I pulled the 1/1 from Sweet Spot my first reaction was to sell… but then I realized (with the help of many of you all) that I’d only come to regret it. What’s the best that could happen? I buy more cards and somehow pull another 1/1?? Worst case I buy a bunch of cards and end up with a bunch of crappy “hits” and regret selliing.

    Hold on to it! It’s the centerpiece of your entire collection!!! Unless the wheels come completely off, the Peterson will be worth the same – if not more – down the road, so you’ll always have the option to sell. For now, enjoy it.

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