Back in the mid-to-late 90s, I was in the midst of my first affair with sports cards. At the time, I was really into basketball cards and, as I’ve said before on this blog, would often buy retail boxes or packs at my local K-Mart. In 1997, I picked up my brother’s lawn mowing job when he went off to college. Suddenly, I was earning $6 every week or so, however often the man’s lawn needed to be mowed. As a kid, I didn’t have any living expenses, so pretty much all of my money went towards buying cards. I remember buying a lot of 1997/98 basketball cards. As I ripped through pack after pack, looking for Michael Jordan insert cards and Tim Duncan rookies, I noticed one odd fellow with one heck of an interesting name. Below are two of this guy’s rookie cards I pulled that year:

God Shammgod
Click image for a full sized scan

Holy crap! I didn’t know God played in the NBA! The young man from Providence College certainly has a divine name, but considering he only played one season in the NBA, he obviously did not have one hell of a jumpshot. If you’re curious about this enigmatic being, you can read his “official biography” on Wikipedia here (anyone in the world can edit it, so you know it’s true). Apparently this professional vegabond taught Kobe a thing or two about crossover dribbles.

Saldy, one poignant fact remains for Washington fans: even God could not help the Wizards win.


One Response to Omnipotent

  1. he was a ball hogging PG without a jumper

    not a good mix

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