Retail Weakness

Life has been crazy lately. As the year is rapidly coming to an end, things are picking up at work, my eBay sales have slowly been increasing, and with autumn comes beautiful outdoor sights…and more work around the house to prepare for winter (cleaning rain gutters, trimming bushes, clearing leaves, etc.). Oh, and I saw Pearl Jam in Philly last Friday as they played the last shows ever in the Spectrum and I am going to Penn State the next two weekends to FINALLY get to some games this year. Are any of those valid reasons for not posting as much recently? Probably not. But they are the best excuses I could come up with just now.

Today when I stopped at K-Mart to pick up some bubble mailers on my way home from the gym, I accidentally picked the checkout lane that has the cards in it. I say accidentally because I will admit, much to the chagrin of some hard core collectors, I have a retail weakness. When I was a kid, I felt like a champion when I would save up my money for a $19.99 box of basketball or football cards the next time I went shopping with my mom. I would spend hours going through the loot I pulled from those packs. With age comes experience (and more disposable income), and I have discovered that hobby boxes are more costly, but deliver far more bang for the buck. From better collation and more cards to better odds of pulling sweet inserts, hobby boxes are superior to retail. ‘Nuff said.

But that still leaves me with that darn retail weakness. My local K-Mart is about as far behind the times as possible for a non thrift store (think Goodwill or a Re-Uzit shop), so they just put out a bunch of football boxes that were released months ago.

I got excited.

I pulled one box off the shelf and put it on the conveyor belt. As the girl began ringing up my purchase, I hastily reached back and grabbed two more. Should I have given my purchase more thought? Of course. Should I have skipped out and saved my money for 1 box of something better than 3 boxes of almost guaranteed crap? Naturally. Do I regret buying these boxes? Hell no!

I will leave you hanging to find out what I pulled. But don’t feel cheated. I am hanging on too as I have not opened the packs yet. Here are the retail boxes that will be subject to near future reviews. Hopefully that is just enough information to get you comin’ back for more…

2009 Topps Chrome

2009 Donruss Threads

2009 Donruss Classics


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