Live Today: 2009 UD Black

UPDATE: Apparently UD once again delayed a product release. So just take this post as another preview post. The new release date is scheduled for 11/11. Although I am sure that is extremely tentative right now anyway.

After experiencing huge success in the basketball market, Upper Deck is bringing its famed Black line to football. Delivering all on-card autographs and very high end inserts, 2009 UD Black may be the most highly anticipated product of the year. This ultra high end set is being released in cases of 10 boxes of 2 packs of 2 cards each.

The “base” set consists of 90 veterans and 42 lustrous autographed rookie cards. Along with the base set, Black also has a host of on-card autograph inserts including base card auto parallel, Veteran/Legends Lustrous PETG Patch Auto, Biography Signatures, Film Slides PETG Signatures, Single Player Quad Jersey Auto, Dual Player Jersey Auto, Quad Player Jersey Auto, Dual Autographs, Triple Autographs, Quad Autographs, Dual Manufactured College Pennants Auto, Cut Signatures, and Dual Cut Signatures. Additionally, all of the autographed cards, except for the Biography Signatures, Cut Signatures, and Dual Cut Signatures have a blue variation parallel that is numbered 1/1.



Each tiny thumbnail leads to a full sized image

Note: These images were released by Upper Deck several months ago as part of their press release. Actual card images may differ from those shown above.

Per Box Breakdown: 2 packs of 2 cards each (4 total). Each pack will contain 1 base card featuring a manufactured American flag patch and 1 hard-signed autographed card. Each case will contain 1 Cut Signature or Dual Cut Signature card. Boxes are currently selling in the $210 range.

This set is actually pretty exciting. I don’t know that I’ll ever be a true fan of super high-end products like this, but the cards do look really nice, well designed, and it never hurts to feature on-card autographs. It is also great to see a completely new product come to the football world this year. I realize this product has been around in basketball for a little while, but a lot of collectors do not cross between sports, so it’s still a new concept for most football collectors. Upper Deck is showing that after a few years of boring designs and products, they still know how to be innovative and imaginative. This product features the lustrous autographed cards and film slideshow PETG cards, both very cool concepts, and let’s not forget SPx’s shadowbox cards that have created a huge buzz in the Hobby. I really doubt I will buy any boxes/cases of this product, but I do tip my hat to Upper Deck and applaud this release.

What do you guys think? Is this a great new product for the football market, or is it just hugely overpriced crap?


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  1. It was delayed FYI

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