Opinions Wanted

As I venture into the world of eBay sales, I thought it might be cool to have a business card I can send along with purchases. I bought a pack of Avery business card sheets and threw something together quick last night so that I could get the first order sent out.

Click image for a full sized scan

What do you guys think? It looks a little cleaner in person. My scanner either needs to be really cleaned or replaced, because I admit this scan looks a tad crappy. “The Football Card Specialists” may have been a bit of a stretch, especially since I’m hoping to sell off most of my extensive basketball collection as well, but I definitely do plan to focus on football.

Any suggestions? New tag line? More/less contact info? More graphic elements? Anything you can suggest would be appreciated.


4 Responses to Opinions Wanted

  1. jswaykos says:

    Nice! I always think less is more when it comes to business cards (and graphic design in general – it’s what I do!). Only potential overkill I can think of is that it says “1st and Goal Sportscards” twice, once in the logo and again spelled out. Perhaps move the logo to the middle and keep your name under it, and remove the spelled out version completely? Just a thought, might clean it up a bit.

  2. I think your design is excellent

    to the point and not gaudy not flashy

  3. Alex says:

    I would leave out “football card specialists” – unless you have an extensive inventory, it just makes you seem over the top.

  4. Bobby says:

    I agree that you should probably eliminate the second First and Goal reference–the logo is sufficient. Include a phone number and physical address–this will lend credibility.

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