Live Today: 2009 SP Threads

Delivering high-end inserts for mid-shelf prices, Upper Deck’s 2009 SP Threads hits hobby shop shelves today. Rookie player collectors and prospectors can get ready to chase some nice relic and autograph cards from this set. The product is being released in cases of 14 boxes of 16 packs of 5 cards each.

The base set for 2009 SP Threads consists of 100 veterans, 100 Rookie Future Watch, and 60 Rookie Auto Letterman. Beyond the base set, there are numerous autograph insert sets including, Rookie Auto Lettermen – College Parallel (Varied #), Rookie Auto Lettermen – College Nickname Parallel (Varied #), Rookie Auto Lettermen – Last Name Parallel (Varied #), SP Rookie Threads Auto Patch (# to 50), Multi Marks Duals (Varied #), Multi Marks Triples (Varied #), Multi Marks Quads (Varied #), SP Superstar Die-Cuts Auto (Varied #), and Stitch in Time. Memorabilia cards include SP Rookie Threads (# to 299), SP Rookie Threads – Dual Swatch Parallel (# to 199), SP Rookie Threads – Triple Swatch Parallel (# to 99), SP Rookie Threads – Patch Parallel (# to 50), SP Threads (# to 99), SP Threads – Parallel (# to 50), SP Threads – Patch Parallel (# to 25), SP Dual Threads (Varied #), SP Tri Threads (Varied #), and SP Foursome Fabrics (Varied #). SP Superstar Die-Cuts is also inserted into 2009 SP Threads

Rookie Auto LettermanSuperstar Die-CutSP Rookie Threads - Triple Swatch
SP Threads - PatchFoursome FabricsStitch in Time
Each tiny thumbnail leads to a full sized image

Disclaimer: The above images were released by Upper Deck along with preliminary product details in June. The actual cards released today may differ from those shown above.

Per Box Breakdown: 16 packs of 5 cards each (80 total) including 2 autographs (with at least 1 Rookie Auto Letterman), 3 memorabilia cards, and at least 5 rookie cards. There are also 1 multi-signed card and 1 autographed memorabilia card in each 14-box case. Boxes are currently selling in the $80 ballpark.

While this is a good looking set, I am becoming mildly comatose with all of the similar “high-end inserts for low-to-mid shelf prices” products these days. It seems that every company is releasing a plethora of products that have similar design elements and promise certain “hits” per box. Do we really need all of these sets? How about focusing on one or two set builders’ products, one or two mid level products with really fancy base cards and guaranteed “hits” and then one top shelf, super high end release that only gives you ridiculously sweet relic and autographed cards without wasting card stock for a base set no one cares about? Just my two cents. That being said, this product does look like it is put together well. There are no egregious design flaws I see in the above images other than the dreaded manufactured letter patches. And obviously that Emmitt Smith patch card caught my attention immediately. I won’t (can’t) go out and buy boxes of this stuff hoping for that Emmitt card, and I probably won’t scour eBay all month looking for one, but if one just happened to fall into my lap, I wouldn’t complain. 🙂

What do you guys think? Is this a great set offering value to the collector, or is it just another “hit” product that you couldn’t care less about?


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