Back in Action

Well, after being out for a few days (I love scheduled posts), I am back and ready for more invigorating football card topics. My return also means that the 100 Reasons to Celebrate contest is officially closed. Thank you to all 9 entries. I really appreciated the comments about favorite posts. It is good to know that my modest efforts here are not going completely unnoticed by the general card blogosphere. Stay tuned for the winning announcement some time later today.

As part of reviewing everyone’s comments, I noted that a few people really enjoy my product reviews. I still have a few more boxes I busted over the summer and never wrote up, so I must be getting back to that. Also, I have recently dove into the world of eBay purchasing again. Turns out, I was impressed by Curtis Conway enough to start a second, much smaller, player collection. I am also digging this new venture because his cards are much cheaper than Emmitt’s, and since I don’t have nearly as many, I can still pick up with dirt cheap lots on eBay and not have to worry about getting 29 duplicates and only 1 new card. More on that in the near future, too.

Also, I recently found my own personal holy grail of cards for a very reasonable price (read: less than half of what I thought I’d have to pay). I won’t tell you what it is (again, building some anticipation here), but I can tell you it’s a first for my collection and I am very pumped about it.

So after hitting 100 posts recently, I have quite a bit in store already for the next 100 posts. I hope that you will all stick around and humor me as I shoot for the next personal milestone…


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