HOF Spotlight: Art Rooney

Name: Art Rooney
Position: Founder, Administrator
Pro Career: 1933 – 1988
Team Affiliation(s): Pittsburgh Pirates/Steelers
College: Georgetown; Duquesne
Induction Class: 1964

Brief Bio: ”If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” If anyone in NFL history has lived those famous motivational words, it was Art Rooney. Rooney purchased the Pittsburgh football franchise in 1933 and waited more than 40 years before winning his first championship. In the 1970s, all of the pieces of the puzzle finally landed into place as the Steelers became the first decade-long dominator in the NFL, winning an unprecedented 4 Super Bowl titles in six years. Not only did Rooney build a storied and successful franchise, currently the owner of more Super Bowl rings than any other NFL team, he was also a great contributor to the NFL, serving as a guiding light in the early days of a struggling league. Rooney proved success could come by showing love, friendship, and grace, rare traits even in his time.

Featured Card: 1975 Fleer Hall of Fame #78. As a franchise owner, obviously Rooney does not have many cards. The one featured above was produced at the height of his success in the mid 1970s, and several HOF focused sets have included him since then. Trivial Beckett value of the featured card is $0.75. Most Rooney base cards can be picked up for around $1-4. Rooney’s autograph appears to be valued at just over $100 as index cards, photos, and cards all seem to be selling in the $125 ballpark. Obviously Rooney is a very recognizable name in the Pittsburgh area, so finding a seller in the southwestern states may prove useful in saving a few dollars if you are looking to add Rooney to your collection.

NOTE: You can find all of my Hall Of Fame Spotlight Features by clicking the HOF Spotlight banner above.


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