Chasing a Rainbow

As a player collector, I both love and hate parallels. I hate parallels, because not only do I need to chase base and insert cards from every set that featured Emmitt Smith (which is a LOT), I also need to worry about tracking down several copies of certain cards that have minor differences and serial numbers. It is just a lot of extra work and a lot of times there is at least one parallel that is numbered really low that I figure I have >0.001% of obtaining. Plus, the usually subtle differences lull me to sleep for a moment as I look through my collection and see the same photo and design on a string of consecutive cards. However, I also love parallels because it does add that extra collectibility factor. If I am able to track down all of the parallels and complete the “rainbow,” it feels awesome and I can definitively say I have completed one portion of my quest. Sorta like finally beating one level in Super Mario. Sure, there are lots of other levels and quite a few worlds to get through, but I still have that one level completed.

What you see below is my best attempt so far at completing an Emmitt Smith rainbow that is more than two or three cards:

Base1894DK Originals
Each tiny thumbnail leads to a full sized scan

Coming from 2002 Gridiron Kings, I have the base card, along with the 1894 (#/1000), DK Originals (#/1000), Bronze, Silver (#/400), and Gold (#/100) parallels. According to Beckett (you all know how I feel about their price guides and general business practices, but I have not been able to find a website that has a better comprehensive checklist database), there are 10 total Emmitt Smith cards from 2002 Gridiron Kings. Two of those are sample cards, so I am not really counting them as part of the rainbow. The remaining two that I have yet to see online, let alone purchase, are a Cut Collection memorabilia card #/400 and a Chicago Collection #/5. I figure there is no chance of ever seeing that Chicago Collection card as only 5 copies were ever printed, and 3 of those probably found their way into employee pockets or cherry-picked boxes for Beckett to review. The jersey card may be easier to come by, certainly since there 4x as many copies as the gold parallel, but I have yet to see any on eBay. If you know where I can snag one for a reasonable price, let me know.

What about you? Do you have any elusive pieces of a rainbow that are driving you nuts? Or perhaps you do have a complete rainbow of which you are super proud? At the very least, please tell me I’m not the only one concerned about this portion of being a player collector and that I should continue to fight the good fight.


4 Responses to Chasing a Rainbow

  1. Jake Hughes says:

    Hi there. I just came across this article as I was doing some research on the Emmitt Chicago Collection card. I happen to have one. Its labeled March 02 Chicago Collection in silver and is numbered 05/05. I was going to put it on Ebay to see what I could get for it as I don’t know the book value of it and have yet to find the book value on any site. The card is in NM/M condition. Its actually that nice that I have considered sending it to PSA. I own a vast Dallas Cowboy/Emmitt Smith memorabilia collection but need to thin it out. I would consider an offer from you if you were interested. I would rather see it in your hands than someone who was just going to sell it.

  2. CPAdave says:

    Hey Jake,

    That is awesome that you actually have this card. Yes, please send me a scan of it and I’ll try to make a fair offer to you!

  3. Jake Hughes says:

    No problem. I have scans ready. I just need an email addy to send them to.

  4. CPAdave says:

    Oh, duh.

    Shoot them over to firstandgoal[at]dejazzd[dot]com.

    Many thanks in advance…

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