Finally Got My Feet Wet

After previewing a fair number of new 2009 football products and looking at other blogs and eBay, I finally decided it was time to get my feet wet and make my first purchase of 2009 wax. I got four boxes of cards, but in the spirit of being a creature of habit and not wanting to get too crazy, all I got was:

2009 Upper Deck2009 Upper Deck2009 Upper Deck2009 Upper Deck Rookie Premiere
Click each image for a larger scan

2009 Upper Deck x3
As I mentioned in my preview post of Upper Deck’s 2009 flagship product, I built this set last year and was very happy with it. I was sorta holding out on buying any wax until this set was released so I could do it again this year. The value is there. The design is there. The photography is there. The rookies are there. So why not? Now that I’m really getting back into collecting, I’d like to have one big set I build every year, and for the time being it’s going to be Upper Deck’s flagship, until something else proves to be better. I bought three boxes because I bought three boxes last year. Again, creature of habit. Also, it took me all three boxes to get all of the non short-printed rookies last year, so I played it safe and went for three again. At the very worst, I’ll have some trade ammo or some lots to throw up on eBay.

2009 Upper Deck Rookie Premiere
This was also a habit purchase. I have this 30-card set from every year it was produced. They may not be actual “rookie cards”, but I like them anyway. To me, they are a poor man’s rookie card, and since I don’t have loads of money to piss away on collecting all the rookies, most of which will burn out in a year or two anyway, this is a cheap way to at least get the 30 most-hyped guys.

So that’s it. Hopefully this will not send me into a buying tailspin like last year. Of course I think paying for a house and all the “stuff” that comes with buying a house should keep me in check. But on the other hand, I also hope these aren’t the last boxes I buy this year. Maybe I’ll just wait until the big online retailers battle it out for my Christmas money with ridiculously good sales. 🙂


2 Responses to Finally Got My Feet Wet

  1. jswaykos says:

    I wasn’t big into the collecting scene last Christmas season (at least not the spending money part of the scene…).. do the online warehouses have crazy sales worth saving for??

  2. CPAdave says:

    I got back into collecting last summer and slowly found the online sellers (I have VERY few hobby shops in my area, the closest/biggest one being more an “other collectibles” than cards shop), so I didn’t find all of them until later. Dave and Adam’s had great sales. They had unopened wax combos, good sales, free UPS shipping on low orders, and they gave away free product on a how-much-you-spent hierarchy. They probably single handedly push me into that spending tailspin that made me afraid to buy anything new this year.

    I finally gave into temptation. It feels soooo good!

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