HOF Spotlight: Clarke Hinkle

Name: Clarke Hinkle
Position: Fullback
Pro Career: 1932 – 1941
Team Affiliation(s): Green Bay Packers
College: Bucknell
Induction Class: 1964

Brief Bio: Of all of the versatile players who made the early NFL possible, perhaps the most talented and most versatile was Clarke Hinkle. A true offensive leader for the Green Bay Packers teams of the 1930s, Hinkle was a prolific rusher, passer, receiving, blocker, punter, and placekicker. A hard-nosed player, Hinkle was capable of shove-it-down-your-throat rushing, but could also cut the outside corner like no one else in his era. As great of an offensive threat as he was, Hinkle was perhaps an even greater defender, bolstering the run defense and eliminating deep passing threats from his linebacker position. Hinkle’s greatest moments came in his legendary showdowns with fellow fullback/linebacker Bronko Nagurski. Despite being 30 pounds lighter, Hinkle sought Nagurski out on the field with a get-to-him-before-he-gets-to-me attitude. One memorable play had Hinkle trapped along the sideline by Nagurski. Unfazed, Hinkle charged right at Nagurski, a devastating tackler, and ran straight through him. Nagurski needed to be helped off the field with a broken nose and fractured rib. At the time of his retirement in 1941, Hinkle was the NFL’s career rushing leader.

Career Stats: 113 games played; 3,860 rushing yards; 35 rushing TDs; 537 receiving yards; 9 receiving TDs; 44 total TDs; 28-47 FGs; 31-37 XPs; 3 INTs; 3,550 punting yards

Featured Card: 1935 National Chicle #24. An amazingly talented player on both sides of the ball, it is no surprise Clarke Hinkle was included in the legendary 1935 National Chicle set, despite only having three years of his career in the bag at that point. Trivial Beckett value of this card is $600. Most eBay listing fall around $350, while a PSA 7 was listed at the time of my research for a whopping $1,699.99 (free shipping!). It is interesting to note that although Hinkle was a prolific rusher and tackler, he is actually shown placekicking in his rookie card. Perhaps that is just further evidence of his multi-dimensional talents. As with any vintage card, especially from this classic set, be sure you know exactly what you are buying if you wish to add this beauty to your collection. There are a lot of shady people out there, so be sure to watch your back, and always trust your “gut test” before pulling the buy trigger.

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