HOF Spotlight: Ed Healey

Name: Ed Healey
Position: Tackle
Pro Career: 1920 – 1927
Team Affiliation(s): Rock Island Independents; Chicago Bears
College: Dartmouth
Induction Class: 1964

Brief Bio: The concept of trading and selling player contracts, a common theme in modern sports, had to start somewhere. That start, was Ed Healey. When Healey heard of a new professional football league forming, he immediately caught an overnight train to Rock Island and, after playing a game, was offered a permanent position with the Independents. Following a game in which Healey dominated the Bears, Chicago owner George Halas bought Healey for $100, giving him a raise to $100 per game and a clubhouse, a luxury not available in Rock Island. Halas would often call Healey the “most versatile tackle in history”. Healey was an all-league selection in five of his eight professional seasons and was perhaps the fastest tackle in league history.

Career Stats: 89 games played; 1 fumble recovery TD (defensive stats not kept in early NFL history)

Featured Card: 1975 Fleer Hall of Fame #55. The fans’ general lackluster appreciation of great defensive players, coupled with his career being complete before the release of major football card sets, Ed Healey does not have a true rookie card. For that reason, we once again look to a HOF focused set, this time with the 1975 product from Fleer. Trivial Beckett value for this card is $0.75. At the time of my research, only a few Ed Healey cards were listed for sale, with almost all of them carrying a $1 pricetag. Obviously if you find an autographed version like the one shown above, you can expect to pay quite a bit more.

NOTE: You can find all of my Hall Of Fame Spotlight Features by clicking the HOF Spotlight banner above.


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