Favre’s Official Return

On Friday, Upper Deck officially released an image of Brett Favre’s first Vikings card. Similar to the Michael Vick card, this Favre card will be numbered as part of the 2009 Upper Deck flagship set but will be inserted into packs of 2009 SPx. Also similar to the Vick card, this card will be short printed due to the rush to print and seed the card into the SPx product line. 2009 Upper Deck is set to go live on September 1 while SPx is due out two weeks later on September 15.

Click image for larger size

What do you guys think? Do you like this idea or should Upper Deck have waited and just added Vick and Favre to later releases rather than quick throw in these practice jersey cards?

Sorry for being late with this one. Stupid buying a house and moving…


2 Responses to Favre’s Official Return

  1. fuji says:

    It’s all a gimmick to get Upper Deck base collectors to buy SPx. Personally, I think it’s a business and these gimmicks (along with all of the Topps ones) don’t bother me. However, I think more collectors (at least for me) would appreciate seeing Favre/Vick in their regular jerseys, instead of practice jerseys.

  2. jswaykos says:

    I’ve decided that I don’t like this sort of insertion. For pro guys, I’d prefer actual jerseys.

    As for the football card purchase I’ve been talking about, I think I’m going to do the responsible thing and purchase a few sample packs of different products…. Heroes, Rookie Progression, and the likes, just to get a feel for what’s out there. No sense in buying a whole box only to find I don’t like it!! Plus, if I buy 8-10 Hobby packs I may just stumble into a hit that way. Also, it gives me a reason to go to the card shop, which is always a plus.

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