(Ex-) Giant Idiot

After months of allegations, accusations, and legal proceedings, ex-New York Giant star receiver Plaxico Burress is heading off to prison. Burress has accepted a plea bargain that carries a 2-year prison sentence, which is less than the 3.5-year sentence he was facing if found guilty by trial. You can read more details in this Yahoo! Sports story.

The once great wide receiver for the Steelers and Giants was a star in Super Bowl XLII when he caught the game-winning touchdown to shock the heavily favored Patriots squad. Soon afterwards, he shot himself in the leg with an illegal handgun at a night club. Since then, Burress’ life has been in a seemingly downward spiral, now culminating with this weapons plea bargain. Burress will be sentenced on September 22 and is expecting to begin serving time immediately afterward. Should everything go by the current plan, Burress could be out and ready to make an NFL return in time for spring training in 2011.

A note to Eagles fans: You could be getting a new star wide receiver in two years!

No word yet from Upper Deck or Topps if they plan to include a Burress card featuring his soon-to-be new team colors: orange and black (and I don’t mean the Bengals).


One Response to (Ex-) Giant Idiot

  1. Tim H says:

    Nice touch on the last paragraph! Just think he’s gonna be someone’s BIOTCH! Then his gun won’t be the only thing going off early.

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