Favre Just Can’t Let it Go

Well folks, it appears that it is all but final: Brett Favre is coming out of retirement once again. You can read the ESPN story here.

You can’t blame the man for wanting to still play the game he has loved and has essentially dominated for 20 years. What you can blame him for is the way he has gone about it the past few years. Even before last year’s soap opera inspiring drama of wanting to come out of retirement but not being wanted by the Packers and ultimately being dealt to the Jets and this year’s never-ending update saga with the Vikings, he had been performing a similar song and dance for years in Green Bay. I can barely remember a spring/summer when Brett Favre didn’t string along a football club for a few months while he tried to figure out if he was done playing football or not. I distinctly remember his last game of the 2006 season. John Madden was discussing Brett’s future and said that if Brett’s eyes were dry, he was coming back; if they were wet, he was retiring. For the record, Brett was practically sobbing after the game.

Then he came back and almost led the Packers to the Super Bowl before retiring.

Then he came back and forced a trade to the Jets where he withered to a common footnote by season’s end before retiring again.

Now he appears to be coming back once again to the Vikings, an arch nemesis of his former Packers squad.

Do we remember Joe Montana playing for the Chiefs? Is Johnny Unitas heralded for his days as a Charger? Will Brett Favre’s short come back stints with the Jets and Vikings define his career? Certainly not, but I have to believe his recent shenanigans has changed the public’s perspective. I was once a big Favre supporter, but now I cringe every time I hear his name or see yet another colored #4 jersey. Hell, even Michael Jordan waited a few years between comebacks and made up his mind in short order.

I will leave you with this quote, as told by a co-worker who’s father helped to design and install Favre’s kitchen. “Yeah, they hated working with him. He was so indecisive. … And that was years ago.”

Favre jersey count: 4, and counting


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