Opinions Wanted!

With my most recent HOF Spotlight of Jim Thorpe, I have completed the entire 1963 charter class of HOF inductees. I would like to continue this feature all the way through the class of 2009, which was just inducted last weekend (8/8/09), as I enjoy reading about the great gridiron legends who came before my time, as well as learning more about the card sets that started and shaped the football card hobby I now know and love. However, I do not want to become repetitive or annoy my readers by continually throwing posts up about players from the 1940s who either do not have a rookie card or if they do, it’s far too expensive for most collectors.

So I am looking for some feedback. Do you enjoy reading the HOF Spotlight feature? Does it focus too much on the player and not enough on the card, or vice versa? Is this feature something you never read and would rather I not continue it? I have created a poll for easy feedback, but also, please feel free to leave comments if you would like to express more than a simple multiple choice selection. Part of the reason for this poll is that no one ever comments on these features, so I am not sure if you guys like them or not. If you like them, I’ll keep ’em coming. If you guys overwhelmingly don’t like them, they’ll be history.

This blog is a personal one devoted to my interests and collections, but without readers like you, it would be utterly pointless. Here is an opportunity to let your voice be heard. Don’t miss out!


One Response to Opinions Wanted!

  1. I love ’em. I’ll admit, I don’t read some of them right away, as I may not have time while perusing the blogs… but I always come back and read two or three at a time.
    As someone who has been getting back into acquiring “vintage” cards, any advice is always appreciated.

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