Live Today: 2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia

Mixing vintage theme and design elements with modern NFL rosters, Upper Deck has produced 2009 Philadelphia, a retro themed set that borrows heavily from the 1960s Philadelphia sets, as well as the historic 1935 National Chicle set. The product is available in boxes of 20 packs with 8 cards each. 2009 Philadelphia features a 300-card base set designed to mimick the 1964 Philadelphia set.

Like other retro themed products, 2009 Philadelphia features many inserts, including NFL Stars in Action and 1935 National Chicle, which was designed to be an exact replica of the historic first football set produced, right down to the unique card size. There is also an oversized 5×7 parallel set to the 1935 National Chicle insert. Autographs can be found on both the 1935 National Chicle and 5×7 parallel sets, as well as the Philadelphia Signatures insert. It should be noted that all autographs in this product are on-card. 2009 Philadelphia also delivers game used memorabilia cards in the Philadelphia Fabrics insert. Additionally, this product features four non-sports short-printed sets, including The Story of Barak Obama, Woodstock 40th Anniversary, The Vietnam War, and The Election Years. To add more bang for your buck, Upper Deck has also included original Philadelphia buy back cards.

1964 Philadelphia BasePhiladelphia FabricsPhiladelphia Signatures1935 National Chicle Auto
1935 National Chicle InsertNFL Stars in Action1935 National Chicle Rookie Card
Each tiny thumbnail leads to a full sized image

Per Box Breakdown: 20 packs of 8 cards each (160 total), including 1 autographed card (on-card), 2 memorabilia cards, 15 base set short prints, 1 5×7 1935 National Chicle box topper, and 4 1935 National Chicle inserts. Each case of 14 boxes will include 1 5×7 1935 National Chicle autograph, 1 1935 National Chicle Autograph, and 2-3 Original Philadelphia Buy Backs.

My first reaction to seeing this product was that bringing back the classic Philadelphia designs was great because I feel they are often over looked by modern collectors. However, I will admit it’s a bit odd seeing such crisp photography on a vintage card design. I also liked that Upper Deck was paying homage to the very first all-football set ever produced in their 1935 National Chicle insert. However, I am starting to believe that the hobby is being inundated with retro-themed sets right now. Recently, the big card producers have been hammered by critics of their seemingly lazy card designs. This year, there are some great looking sets being released, but a lot of them are simply borrowing designs from vintage sets. Is this just laziness in a different way? I tend to think so. Another thing I do not like at all is the non-sports cards. I am a football card collector, not a classic car card collector, a music festival card collector, and am sure as hell not a political figurehead card collector. I will join the plethora of other collectors when I say: I DO NOT WANT NON-SPORTS CARDS IN MY SPORTS CARD BOX! On the other hand, I do really like that all of the autographs are on-card. I realize it’s probably nearly impossible to completely avoid sticker autos in every set produced, especially given modern collectors’ demand of “hits” per box; however, it’s great to see that Upper Deck put forth the effort to bring at least one full product of all on-card autos. A box of 2009 Philadelphia will set you back around $60-$70, which is not a bad price point. You will certainly not get the same quantity of cards per dollar as say 2009 Score or 2009 Topps, but the quality appears to be on the right track.

What are your first reactions? Should Upper Deck be praised for releasing a well-designed retro themed set that features all on-card autographs, or is this just another sorry excuse for a lack of design creativity and non-sports cards?


4 Responses to Live Today: 2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia

  1. same old Goudey/Philadelphia/retro/can’tcomeupwithanoriginalidea stuff that UD always puts out.
    I love me some football, but I’m gonna pass.
    and take out the damn obama cards!

  2. same old Goudey/Philadelphia/retro/can’tcomeupwithanoriginalidea stuff that UD always puts out.
    I love me some football, but I’m gonna pass.
    and take out the damn obama cards!
    P.S.: Forgot to add good post!

  3. CPAdave says:

    I agree with your Obama point. I am glad to see I’m not the only one fed up with seeing his face everywhere I turn. It’s like the man is still campaigning for a job he won months and months ago, and the media (sports cards included) are just encouraging it.

    Let my football cards out of your political statements. I just want to see some gridiron goodness!

  4. mfw13 says:

    Nice product, but overpriced just like everything else. At roughly $70 for 160 cards you are paying approximately 45 cents per card raw, and because a full third of the set are SP’s, it’ll take you seven boxes (and $500) to complete the set even with perfect distribution.

    Also very sneaky to reduce the box size from 24 packs (like with Goudey) to 20 packs, considering that the box price is staying roughly the same.

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