In a bit of non-sports news, my wife and I settled on our first house yesterday. So now we get to start mass cleaning, painting, buying appliances, packing, moving and somewhere in there still find time to sleep. This should be fun. Fortunately, we did not buy a starter home, so hopefully we will not need to do this again for a very long time.

Posts will still continue to come to First and Goal, but please do not expect the same consistency as the past several weeks and don’t be offended if you see my HOF Spotlight on a more regular basis. After all, I do not have anyone giving me advertising money to support my ridiculous opinions that are passed off as gospel a la our “friends” at Beckett (I use that term loosely). I do still have a few box breaks to post, but who knows when I will get a chance to scan the goodies. I throw that out there so that you guys keep coming back…


6 Responses to Settlement

  1. jswaykos says:

    Congrats! The wife and I are in the exact same position – we’re hoping to close on our first home Friday. And if not Friday, then it’ll be next week (just waiting for one measly insurance form to be transferred from escrow to our mortgage guy). As soon as we take the keys we’ll start massive cleaning, painting, appliance buying… you know the drill!

  2. CPAdave says:

    Haha, yes, we will both be running the same “drill” soon. Good luck with with your own settlement. Those last few days are a pain trying to find out if everything is finalized. Oh, and eat a banana just before you go to settlement. You will need all the potassium you can get to avoid hand cramps from signing your name so much!

    Better yet, your title transfer company should send you a sheet of holofoil stickers so you can sign them, and they can just slap them on poorly designed closing statements! YES!!!

  3. jswaykos says:


    Ha ha, then the escrow company can whine and complain about how much better they used to look with “on form” autos, but now they’re no fun because the stickers are on crooked and ruin the off-white color scheme of the rest of the document!

    Too funny. Yes, we’re already running into one mini-road block after another trying to get it finalized, but I THINK we’re at the last hurdle with the insurance forms. It’s always the most trivial matter that gets in the way. It’s not whether or not we have insurance lined up (we do), and not whether or not the insurance company has sent the docs to the right people (they have) it’s that a second level of “people” needs the forms and can’t get in contact with the people who received them in the first place!!!

  4. CPAdave says:

    Yes, it’s always those stupid little things. I wish it was a matter of “we agreed on a price, we have insurance, we have a mortgage, we have a downpayment check. Let’s get this over with.”

    In order to make the house more affordable, you should carge $225 for each time you autograph a form. Either you will walk away with less of a hole in your pocket, or you will have less forms to sign!

    I guess the flip side is, the title people will need to find 37 B-list homebuyers to also sign papers to include in the packet, that way the mortgage company will be more inclined to look through it if they are guaranteed a signature on every side of every page. Then when they find the real Joe Swaykos signature, they can scream “MOJO!!!” and run to their “Beckett: Settlement Sheets Monthly” to see how much their closing statement is worth!

  5. jswaykos says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha!! The laughing is giving me a coughing fit… at work. Priceless!

  6. tim says:

    That was da bomb! Excellent points…. Sticker auto’s rule. I’m doing my next auto loan in that manner!

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