To Cut or Not to Cut…

…that is the question.

Recently I posted about how the aim of my Emmitt Smith collection has gradually changed over time, allowing me to conquer small foothills in the quest of climbing the mountain that is obtaining all Emmitt Smith cards (I do realize that will probably never happen…that’s why I like these foothills). One of the early aims in my collection was to obtain all five Emmitt rookie cards. While searching around for the Topps Traded card, I found a fairly cheap copy that was graded 10, mint or better. At the time, I thought, “why wouldn’t I want the card to be in the best possible condition?”

Click image for a full sized scan

When the card arrived, I was stoked to have a graded card, the first and only in my entire collection, even outside of my Emmitts. Over time, however, the graded slab has become more of a burden. I keep all of my Emmitts in a 1997 Donruss Preferred Tin Box (the Emmitt one of course!). I find that I cannot keep this Topps Traded RC in the correct order with the rest of the cards because the slab is so much bigger than all the others that are in normal top loaders. I have debated for a long time what I should do, and am leaving it up to my readers.

TO CUT: In freeing this card from the graded slab, I will be able to correctly order my collection and will be able to stop forgetting this card is shoved on the side of my Emmitt box. But it is not a 7.5, it is a perfect 10. Cutting it out of the slab would reduce its value, right? But it’s graded by BCCG, so that doesn’t count, does it?

NOT TO CUT: By leaving this card slabbed, I run the risk of a mental breakdown because my OCD inclinations will not be able to see a collection that is uniformally stored and organized. To alleviate that, I could buy another Topps Traded RC (they are less than $15) to put into a top loader and could keep this one as a second copy, or sell it to someone who gives a rat’s ass about grading services. But if I spend $15 for a new copy, that’s $15 less I can spend on obtaining new Emmitts for my collection.


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One Response to To Cut or Not to Cut…

  1. jswaykos says:

    I found a few more Emmitts for ya! I’ll email the list of what they are later today or tomorrow to see if you need any of ’em.

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