The First 2009 Addition

When I got home from work today, my wife informed me a small package had come for me. Naturally the six-year-old in me that gets excited any time I get mail (other than bills and advertisements) instantly became giddy. The shear excitement was dulled a little bit because I knew what it was without even looking at the sender. Last week I was perusing eBay listings for 2009 Emmitt Smith singles. I am not ready to drop $80 for some fresh 2009 wax, but I was still considering picking up a few new Emmitts for my collection.

I found three different Smith inserts that had no bids and placed minimal bids on each. I won the card you see below, a 2009 Upper Deck Icons Greats of the Game Gold parallel insert S/N #089/199. It gives into the S/N gimmick of recent years, but it is a pretty well designed card (and shiny!), so I like it. Of course then again, it’s a new Emmitt card, so I would have liked it anyway.

Click image for full sized scan

One thing that receiving this card and scanning it for this post (and my Emmitt website project) reminded me is that I really need to clean my scanner. Trust me, the card above looks much better in person than it does in my scan. Anyone willing to donate a brand new, high-end scanner to First and Goal, please feel free to email me for my mailing address! 😉


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