Live Today: 2009 UD Rookie Premiere

This isn’t exactly a huge set release announcement, and I’m sure most football collector’s do not get excited about this annual release, but it is a new set nevertheless.

Upper Deck’s Rookie Premiere box set is back once again for 2009. Featuring the top 30 rookies in their new NFL uniforms, this Rookie Premiere set is a great way to get cards of the most sought after rookies before the season starts. Each box will give you the 30-card set. The only inserted cards are rare autographed cards, which fall 1 per case, on average.

Click small image for larger image!

These are certainly not the high end rookie cards that serious collectors go after, but it is a nice (and affordable) way to pick up rookie cards for the 30 top name rookies of the year. I have every set from its inception (2004-present), and this will probably be the first 2009 product that I purchase. Being a player collector of a guy who’s been retired for 4 years, this gives me an excuse to buy a mini set each year and get excited about the upcoming season. You can get a box for about $10, although it seems not as many online outlets have the set this year compared to last year.

Your thoughts? Is this a waste of cardboard, or a good/cheap way to pick up the top rookies for the year?

One Response to Live Today: 2009 UD Rookie Premiere

  1. jswaykos says:

    I always like the cheaper alternative rookie cards. Sure, the autographed big dollar rookies would be great to pull, but I think there’s something just as neat about owning a guy’s first card.

    Unfortunately, these lower budget versions will never be worth the ‘big bucks’ due to many high end products being available these days. I LOVE chasing old rookies that I never had the money for in their heyday. Case in point: I just now obtained a 1997 Bowman’s Best Kerry Wood rookie!! Sweet!! I feel bad for everyone who paid $50 or whatever for it 12 years ago…

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