Best of Both Worlds?

With the recent release of a few key football products for 2009, there has been some debate about featuring professional players in their college uniforms. We have rookie cards for the top draft picks in Donruss Elite and Upper Deck Icons that feature action shots of players in their college unis. We have the recent Topps Magic product, which features an entire checklist of players in their college unis, as this set is a tribute to the original Topps Magic set. Some people love this. Some people hate this. What if collectors could have the best of both worlds?

The card you see below was an insert in Upper Deck’s 2007 flagship release. The 45 card insert set featured some of today’s brightest stars and a few of yesterday’s greatest players in both their college AND pro uniforms. The concept was simple (College to Pros as the name implies), but from what I can tell, there are very few sets that have done this. As a huge college football fan, I would be more inclined to pick up the Larry Johnson card from this set since it would show LJ in his PSU #5 uniform, without having to pick up an early rookie card or 100% college-themed set. I can’t speak for everyone, but I assume most collectors that have a strong college interest would feel the same way.

Click image for full sized scan

So what do you guys think? Is this card great because it features both college and pro uniforms, or would you rather just see it one way or the other? Would your answer change if the alternative was seeing which ever uni you’re less inclined to like (pro for college fans and college for pro fans)?

On one side note, what was up with the belly jerseys in the 80s? Who thought that was ever a good idea, especially given the fact that one of the most vulnerable places on your body would be even more vulnerable to helmets, cleats, and astro-turf?


One Response to Best of Both Worlds?

  1. to me, college jerseys have no place in an NFl set. There is no excuse for not having a pic of a guy in his pro jersey. However, a subset of a then and now, is acceptable. And kinda neat for some. So that is okay.

    And the belly jerseys? Well, there never is any padding there anyways, so no big deal. It’s “fashion” Kinda like how now basketball players wear full length pants when they play. Seven of eight of them could fit into one pair of “shorts” It’s ridiculous. But it’s fashionable now. Go figure.

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