HOF Spotlight: Curly Lambeau

Name: Earl “Curly” Lambeau
Position: Founder, Coach
Pro Career: 1919 – 1953
Team Affiliation(s): Green Bay Packers, Chicago Cardinals, Washington Redskins
College: Notre Dame
Induction Class: 1963 – Charter Member

Brief Bio: A gifted and visionary leader, Lambeau founded one of the league’s longest and most storied franchises. In 1919, Lambeau was working for the Indian Packing Company after an illness forced him to leave Notre Dame after his freshman year. That year, Lambeau formed the “Packers” with fellow employees and was the team’s first star player and coach for 31 years. In an era of grind-it-out gridiron, Lambeau created a team that used the aerial pass as its first and foremost weapon, despite league rules that made such passing difficult. With future hall of fame quarterbacks and receivers, this visionary approach to the game led to much success, winning 6 championships and enjoying three decades of dominance. After leaving the Packers in 1949, Lambeau went on to coach the Chicago Cardinals and Washington Redskins. His 229 career victories stood second only to fellow HOF member George Halas for many years. Beyond his “forward thinking” passing scheme and winning success, Lambeau will forever be remembered as the man who created the Packers, a franchise that has kept its unique small-town feel some 90 years after its inception.

Featured Card: 1932 Packers Walker’s Cleaners #1. As a founder and coach, you can imagine that not many cards were produced of Lambeau in his day. I believe this card was a team specific issue for the Packers, but I chose to feature it for its age and relative obscurity. Trivial Beckett value is $1,500, and unfortunately that’s all we can go with as there were none of these listed on eBay at the time of my research. There are, however, several Lambeau cards from various HOF sets (1975 Fleer, the Swell Greats sets of the late 80s-early 90s, etc.), which can all be had for less than $10 each.

NOTE: You can find all of my Hall Of Fame Spotlight Features by clicking the HOF Spotlight banner above.


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