The Definition of High End

In my quest to avoid responsibility for a bit longer today, I was checking out some up coming Upper Deck products. I found some images of 2009 UD Black Football. My initial reaction is that this looks like an absolutely amazing set. I guess this product line has had quite a bit of success with the basketball market, so Upper Deck has decided to move it into the footall market as well (perhaps due to losing their NBA license to Donini?). My only reservation? Cards come two to a pack and packs fall two to a box. So when I bust a box of UD’s flagship football product, I will probably pull 320 cards. If I bust a box of UD Black, I will pull 4 cards. I am no longer in the pre-teen phase of getting the most cards for my money, but that is a hard pill for me to swallow. I can only image what the pricetag will be for those 4 cards, too.

But while I may not be able to afford any of this product, you can bet your horse that I will be watching box breaks and eBay when the product goes live. I will allow myself to dream of owning one of these beauties, specifically the one you see below.

Click thumbnail for full sized image

What do you guys think? Would you be willing to chase this set, given the top shelf pricetag it will surely have?

On a random side note, I wonder what big time athletes think when autographing a card that features another big time athlete. Do they think it’s cool they are shown with another superstar or annoyed they don’t have the entire spotlight? From what I understand, Emmitt is a fairly easy-going guy and Barry is as humble as apple pie, but I wonder how the cockier guys react…


2 Responses to The Definition of High End

  1. there is no way I could ever even dream of buying a pack/box of these. Too much $$$.

    As for signing, it’s my understanding that unless both autos are “on card” the athletes don’t even know what the card looks like. In this example, Emmitt and Barry signed a few jersey swatches. Not the actual card.
    Just once I’d like to see an athlete draw a moutache on a competitors face or something like that….

  2. Gellman says:

    I cant afford a box, but I will be buying a lot of singles.

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