Good Housekeeping

No, I’m not referring to the long time homemaker’s guide (although it would probably prove a much better read than the latest Beckett), I am referring to the fact that I have a few housekeeping items to take care of tonight.

First off, as I’m sure EVERYONE is anxiously waiting, is the item of who won the great LaDainian Tomlinson Ultimate Collection two swatch jersey card. The winner is none other than Ross, who just so happens to have his own blog over at Box Busters. For all of you conspiracy theorists, you can see the official screen shot by clicking here. A sincere thank you to all (7) of you who entered. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you all a copy of this card, but quite honestly, I only have one. I will definitely be looking to give away more cards in future contests, be it for more mini celebrations, or just for shits and giggles, so please be on the look out for those.


Next is a follow up to the poll I posted a few days back about whether or not you guys thought I should renew my online Beckett pricing subscription. I will admit that I did consider renewing it, but the whopping 73% that said I should stick to my guns and refuse to support the shady and job-out-sourcing company that Beckett has become bumped me to that side of the fence. You will still see me poke fun at “Beckett value” in my HOF Spotlight feature for a little while because I grabbed those values while compiling the list of cards I wanted to feature for the first several induction classes of HOF members. I do believe that this is the best decision. Not only did I hate the idea of supporting a company that is run like a T-shirt factory by obvious amateurs who take away jobs from Americans in the midst of a severe recession while “gaining” an out-dated and useless service, I will not complain about saving the $50 per sport per year, especially with the purchase of my first home just around the corner. Thanks to everyone who voiced their opinion.

Finally, I just wanted to throw out a thank you to everyone who has made this blog an early success so far. When I started this blog, I had no idea what was in store for it. Well over a month later, I am still going strong and not only do I still have things to write about, I even seem to have gained a few loyal readers and many occasional stopper-bys. I have also recently engaged in my first online trades with a few fellow bloggers, and that is really exciting to me. I do not know many people in my immediate area who are into collecting cards (especially since football card collectors seem to be a much more scarce breed than baseball collectors), so it’s great that I have found a pool of people who are just as dorky and love this Hobby. I am very grateful and humbled by your support.


Now, stay tuned for some more great oldies box breaks, upcoming product previews, and as always, random ramblings about my Emmitt Smith collection.


2 Responses to Good Housekeeping

  1. ross says:

    Thanks Dave! Look forward to the great oldies box breaks, upcoming product previews, and as always, random ramblings about my Emmitt Smith collection.

  2. jswaykos says:

    Gah! So close… oh well. LT would’ve felt like an outsider in my box of baseball relics/autos – not that that’ll stop me from entering more contests in the future! Keep up the great work!

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