Steve McNair Found Dead

UPDATE: More information is being made public and McNair’s death has been ruled a homicide. You can read the ESPN report here.

MVP and three-time Pro Bowl quarterback Steve McNair was found shot to death today in a condo in Nashville. Police are investigating the circumstances of the shooting and, as in any criminal investigation, are not releasing any further information for the time being. You can read preliminary information here and here, although the articles are very similar at this point (AP).

McNair led the the Titans to their only Super Bowl berth in 2000. Many consider this to be one of the greatest Super Bowls in history as McNair led his team to within one yard of forcing overtime before the clock expired. Although injuries plagued most of his career, McNair was still a great quarterback and will surely be missed by the NFL community.

Click image for full sized scan

The card featured above is McNair’s rookie card from 1996 Pinnacle Zennith. I just busted a box of this recently and was set to write up my product review early next week. McNair’s RC was one that I selected to feature as part of that review. It is sad that this card is being featured a few days early, especially under these circumstances…


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