Live Today: 2009 Topps Magic

This product was originally scheduled to be released on 6/8/09, but it seems to have been delayed. Two sources show the release date as today, 7/3/09, so I am going with that. However, the high number of cards on eBay already leads me to believe I missed the boat on this one.

The retro-themed set is available in boxes of 24 packs of 8 cards each. The base set consists of 200 veterns, rookies, and legends and 50 short print subjects, all in their college uniforms. This product is chop full of autographs as all 250 individuals featured have an autographed parallel base card, along with possible Alumni Dual (30 players paired by college on 15 cards numbered to 25), Alumni Triple (same idea, 10 cards, numbered to 25), and ’48 Magic (features 1948 Magic design, 10 cards, numbered to 10). Also look for mini parallels (1 per pack) and black minis (parallel of a parallel?). Other insert sets include All-Americans (25 current players featuring the famed 1955 Topps All-American design), Alumni (same as auto set, just without the autos), Magic Thrills (20 big Bowl memories), ’48 Magic (15 current/legend stars and 15 moments/stars featuring 1948 Topps Magic design), and Magic Box Loader (one per box, sounds more like an info sheet).

Base CardMini Black ParallelAutographed Parallel
All-Americans InsertDual Alumni Autograph Insert

This looks to be an interesting retro themed set. I really like the idea of bringing back the 1955 All-American design, especially after learning more about it while doing my HOF Spotlight feature. I do have to wonder though if all these retro themed sets are really just laziness coupled with a lack of creativity. I realize some people really like them, so it’s great if these products are reaching to the masses, but honestly, I’d like to see companies limit themselves to one retro themed set each year, if that. Prices right now are running between $80-90 on eBay and, but you might be able to pick one up for less if you play your cards right. It also looks like you can get the entire base card set for about $20, so if that is your cup o’ tea, that’s not a bad deal.

What are your thoughts on Magic?


One Response to Live Today: 2009 Topps Magic

  1. from what little I’ve seen, I love this set. I just don’t know if I’ll be able to afford it for a little while. Too many new releases out at roughly the same time.

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