To Beckett or Not To Beckett…

That is the question…

When I first started to get back into the hobby about a year ago, one of the things I was most impressed with was the Beckett website, specifically the “My Collection” feature that allowed me to organize and keep track of all the cards in my personal collection. I quickly signed up for a year subscription for the football and basketball online price guides as I was still in the mid-90s mindset that Beckett values were gospel (when I would find a card selling at below Beckett’s value, I would consider it a profit). Then Beckett changed their website for the worse and the more I got into the hobby, the more I realized how trivial Beckett’s value was and how shady their business dealings were.

Now I am at a crossroads. It has been almost exactly a year, so my football subscription has run out and my basketball is set to expire in the very near future. I no longer put any stock in Beckett’s book value and I don’t think I want to support such a shady business any longer (especially one that ships jobs away from Americans), but I also enjoy knowing the book value so I can point out how off it is, especially in my HOF Spotlight feature. Do I renew my subscription(s) and write it off as a research expense, or do I stick to my guns and spend the $50 on a box of older wax?

So now the question: To Beckett or not to Beckett?

What are your thoughts?


One Response to To Beckett or Not To Beckett…

  1. Tim says:

    Get your true pricing for free….. look on ebay.

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