It Wasn’t All Good

If you have been reading my blog since its inception about a month ago, you may think that I am in love with football cards that are now a decade old. This certainly is true, to an extent. I think that cards from the mid-to-late 90s were some of the best cards I have ever seen. I have been known to enjoy a new product from time to time (2007 Topps Co-Signers, 2008 Upper Deck, etc.), but generally I do admit that I am a bigger fan of older wax.

That being said, I will also be the first to admit that not every set from my favorite era was gold. Take the card below for example. While the design is not horrible (I rather like the football border on the left side and the player’s name is much easier to read in person than in this scan), the photography leaves a lot to be desired. I usually do not like when two big time athletes are on the same card without it being a team card or other multi-player specific card. Here, instead of showing Emmitt blasting through the defensive line or dashing into the end zone, we see him embracing teammate Troy Aikman. Yes, this is most likely a celebration after Emmitt did score a touchdown, but should we really praise the photographer for being late and not capturing the actual moment? Even with all of this, the main photo is not my issue with this card. What I would like to know is what in the world is up with the profile picture?!? Here is a man who played most of his career in Texas and often showcased a prime time smile (though not as glorious as Neon Deion Sanders’), and they picked this shot? Was this his one trip to Green Bay and the photographer took a quick break from admiring Brett Favre’s aura? I mean, you can’t even see most of his face, and he’s not wearing a helmet!

Click image for full sized scan

Is this the worst card ever produced? Certainly not. We have seen far worse cards in just the last year or releases. Could it be improved? Absolutely. If you combine this card’s relatively simple and crisp design with some modern Upper Deck photography, you could have an amazing base card. Am I still in love with older cards, despite some of their shortcomings? Always.

Am I done complaining? For now…


3 Responses to It Wasn’t All Good

  1. Tim says:

    That’s gangster “Emmitt”. HE DA MAN!

  2. jswaykos says:

    ha ha, that card is awesome. Not one but TWO horrendous pics!! I love it…

  3. cowboyzzz says:

    “reunited and it feels so good!” haha we’ll see if they get to embrace each other again at sports legends challenge. I hope for everyone’s sake they do!

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