Product Preview: 2009 Bowman Sterling

Today, Topps released information on its upcoming Bowman Sterling product. The following is the official press release. Take a look and let me know if you guys are excited about this product or couldn’t care less. As a fan of older wax and saving money, I might have to pass on this one, but owning autographed relics of top rookies does have its upsides.

Bowman Sterling Football in a Class of Its Own

“The collector-popular Bowman Sterling Football returns in 2009 featuring all the top rookies and super veterans for the upcoming NFL Season. With every card being sequentially numbered and featured on stunning chromium technology, the Bowman Sterling brand is not only known for its eye-catching beauty, but more so for its high-end autographed and memorabilia cards…

“Every Pack guarantees: 1 Autographed Card, 2 Relic Cards and 2 Rookie Cards
Every Box guarantees: 2 Autographed Relic Cards (see below)
Every Case guarantees: 1 Dual Autographed Gold Refractor Card

Click image for a full sized image

“All autographed cards feature 5 parallels including Refractor (#’d to 75), Black (#’d to 25), Gold (#’d to 10), White (#’d to 5) and Red (1 of 1).
And all relics feature the same parallels…Refractor (#’d to 199), Black (#’d to 50), Gold (#’d to 25), White (#’d to 5) and Red (1 of 1).

“2009 Bowman Sterling Football Ships late August and carries a $50 SRP per pack.”


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