Seeking Advice

In these trying economic times, many people are trying to find ways to stretch their pennies and earn a few extra bucks anyway possible. The First and Goal homefront is no exception as I am currently feeling a bit of a cash crunch myself. To help bolster our bank account, I am looking to sell off most of the “hits” I obtained in the past year while mindlessly buying wax I had no business buying (a new career led to sudden “disposable income” which led to me spending far too much on new boxes of cards which has not helped my current cash crunch).

I have never sold cards online before, so I am hoping you readers have some pointers of advice for me. Do I go the eBay, Craig’s List, or route (I think I’d prefer eBay since I already have a paypal and eBay linked account)? Do I try to set my own price or leave it up to an open auction and hope for the best? Should I start with the really good ones or get my feet wet with the cards that probably won’t bring more than a few bucks anway? Please advise as if you were the one selling these cards and in need of extra income. I don’t want to screw anyone over, but obviously I also want something left over after selling and shipping costs.

So in the words of the great Beatles song: HELP!


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  1. jswaykos says:

    I haven’t sold a card on ebay in years. Mostly because I have nothing good to sell, but also because, well, that’s pretty much the only reason.

    The absolute most important thing is that your feedback is positive. Forgery/counterfeiting is rampant, and your feedback is your only hope of getting anything in auction. If you don’t have high feedback yet, I would definitely start with small cards with no potential for counterfeiting (or no good reason to put in the effort) to build it up. You’ll get good feedback related specifically to cards.

    As far as pricing, your best bet is probably to set it as an open auction. Say you set something at $50 Buy It Now… you’ve alienated everyone who could justify spending $30 on the card. It’s likely that those same people could justify $32.50 as the end neared, and perhaps $36.25 at the last minute. See what I’m getting at? And sometimes, an auction will surprise you and you’ll get way more than you would’ve asked for through Buy It Now. This has happened to me with lots of items I’ve sold!

    There’s my input. Maybe some of the Emmitt Smith cards I sent you (just got ’em in the mail today, sorry, I’m horrible with that sort of thing!) will be worth a few bucks! One of them is a Finest card that still has the protective coating in place! Woohoo! That’s gotta be worth a pretty penny, right? Riiiight…

    I’ll be following the comments, because I’ve always told myself that if I stumbled into a major hit in a cheap box of cards I’d sell it and by more cheap cards. Hope I helped at least a little bit!

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