HOF Spotlight: George Halas

Name: George Halas
Position: Founder, Owner, Coach
Pro Career: 1920 – 1983
Team Affiliation(s): Decatur Staleys, Chicago Staleys, Chicago Bears
College: Illinois
Induction Class: 1963 – Charter Member

Brief Bio: As the only person to be involved with the NFL in all of its initial 50 years of existence, George Halas was the epitome of longevity. As the founder of the Chicago Bears (then the Decatur Staleys), Halas was a part of the NFL’s formation meetings in Canton, Ohio (present location of the HOF). A true “Mr. Everything,” Halas served the Bears as everything from founder to player and coach to administrator from day one through his death in 1983 at the age of 88. Halas was a great innovator as coach of the Bears, becoming the first to hold daily practices, to study film of opponents in preparation for upcoming games, to schedule a “barnstorming” tour, and to have his team’s games broadcast on the radio. More than an innovator, Halas was a true winner. His Bears won six NFL titles and only posted six losing records in his 40 years at the helm. His 318 regular-season victories and 324 total victories stood as NFL records for nearly three decades before falling to Don Shula.

Featured Card: 1952 Bowman #48. Similar to other Hall members who were not known for their playing careers (Halas did play end for 9 seasons), a true “rookie card” is hard to come by, although this Bowman card is considered to be just that for Halas. Trivial Beckett value is $275. Prices on eBay range from $60 (admitted creasing and not graded) to $1,499 (PSA 8), with quite a few falling in the $150 ballpark. The price is highly dependent on whether or not the card is graded and how high that grade is. As always, exercise extreme caution with vintage cards of HOF members online.


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