HOF Spotlight: Red Grange

Name: Harold “Red” Grange
Position: Halfback
Pro Career: 1925 – 1934
Team Affiliation(s): Chicago Bears, New York Yankees
College: Illinois
Induction Class: 1963 – Charter Member

Brief Bio: Although he was one of the first great rushers, Red will forever be known as the first highly touted college recruit. In a day when college athletes rarely went on to play professional sports, George Halas offered Grange a rather large contract to play for his Chicago Bears. Grange debuted just 10 days after his final college game with Illinois and the results were dramatic. As Grange and his new team traveled the nation, thousands of people turned out to see the recent college star perform. Grange went on to play until 1934, but after a knee injury kept him sidelined the entire 1928 season, he was never the same elusive back. He later admitted however that he did “develop into a pretty good defensive back.” In 1933, he made the game saving tackle to win the NFL Championship Game.

Career Stats: 96 games played; 10 passing TDs; 569 rushing yards; 21 rushing TDs; 10 receiving TDs; 1 interception TD

Featured Card: 1933 Sport Kings #4. Although released just one year before his retirement, this is considered to be Grange’s rookie card. There were not many releases in Grange’s day, but you can also find him featured on many of today’s certified cut autograph and relic products. Trivial Beckett value of this 1933 RC is $800.00. You can find several on eBay for less than half this amount, but many are poorly graded. At the time I did my research, one graded PSA 8 NM-MT was listed with a Buy It Now price tag of $6,000. There also appear to be quite a few reprints available, and as always with these older classics, there are sure to be counterfeits out there, so be cautious when purchasing a vintage gem like this. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.


2 Responses to HOF Spotlight: Red Grange

  1. Chad says:

    Wise advice here. Is there a guide somewhere for reprints and how to identify them? That may be very helpful…especially for these older HOFers.

  2. CPAdave says:

    Hmmm…I have never looked for a guide like that. Since I am putting out these vintage card suggestions as part of my HOF Spotlight, I should look into that. When I looked on eBay for this card, several were VERY cheap and had “reprint” right in the item description. I have a few reprints of old goudey and even the infamous Honus Wagner T206, but they are obviously reprints because the back talks about the card itself, not necessarily the player.

    Thanks for the comment. I’ll have to look into this…

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