Product Preview: 2009 Topps Chrome

Topps has released some preliminary information on their upcoming 2009 Topps Chrome product. The following verbiage comes directly from Topps, which is why you will see adjectives such as “scorching-hot” and “perennial favorite.”  As with any product review more than a few days before the release date, take these details with a grain of salt. As we have learned in the past, some products (ahem, Mayo) don’t quite deliver what was originally promised. But without further ado, here is the preview:


“A perennial favorite, Topps Chrome Football, returns with all the hottest rookie cards!

“Topps Chrome Football, which has traditionally featured many of the must-have autographed rookie cards in the hobby, does not let down in 2009. Every hobby box guarantees (1) autographed rookie card featuring names such as Mark Sanchez (see below), Michael Crabtree and Matthew Stafford. There are also Black Refractor (#’d to 25), Gold Refractor (#’d to 10) and SuperFractor (1 of 1) autograph parallels.

Click image for larger view

“In addition, the scorching-hot patch parallel returns with 35 top rookies. These cards, featuring pieces of jersey patch are limited to just 25 copies each and are hobby only.

“A look at the rest of the product…

“220 Base Cards / Includes 110 rookies inserted 1:2 packs on gorgeous chrome technology.
Refractor Parallel (1:3 packs)
Copper Refractor Parallel (#’d to 699)
Red Refractor Parallel (#’d to 25 and hobby exclusive)
SuperFractor Parallel (1 of 1 and hobby exclusive)
Printing Plates (1 of 1)

25 Chicle (1:4 packs)
13 Cheerleaders (1:8 packs)
1 Ring of Honor (1:24 packs)

“And all inserts feature a Refractor (sequentially numbered), White Refractor (#’d to 100), Red Refractor (#’d to 10) and SuperFractor (1 of 1 hobby exclusive) parallel.

“Topps Chrome Football ships late August and carries a $3.00 SRP for each 4-card pack.”


One Response to Product Preview: 2009 Topps Chrome

  1. jswaykos says:

    Bowman always has such a strange cycle of value. Everything is always “worth” a lot at the start, then since noboby breaks out right away the cards aren’t worth the cardboard they’re printed on, and finally a few years down the road when guys start to surface the value rises and levels off. Only recently have I felt any of my ’04 Bowman baseball cards were worthy of the toploaders they’re in!

    Of course, Bowman’s own Chrom spinoff makes the regular issue kinda worthless, but it’s a nice alternative to obtain rookies of my favorite players for cheap.

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