Product Review: 1999 Finest

Here it is, guys. The first box break/product review here at First and Goal.

First, the product breakdown. The box contained 24 packs of 6 cards, for a total of 144 cards. I paid $31.40 on eBay for this box, which breaks down to just under $0.22 per card.

Beyond the 124 base card set, this box could contain randomly inserted Gems (11 veterns), Sensations (11 rising stars), and Rookies (29) subsets, as well as Refractor parallels of all of these. The inserts consist of Double Team and Main Attractions, which both feature two players and either one or both sides having refractor technology, Prominent Figures, Leading Indicators, Team Finest, Future’s Finest, and Finest Salute. So, let’s get to the per pack break:

Pack 1: Fred Taylor (Sensations), Torry Holt (RC), Priest Holmes, Deion Sanders, Ike Hilliard, and Vonnie Holliday

Pack 2: Donovan McNabb (RC), Robert Brooks, Doug Flutie/Eric Moulds (Double Team Ref/Non-Ref), Frank Sanders, Jerome Bettis, and Freddie Jones

Pack 3: Michael Cloud (RC), J.J. Stokes, Ricky Dudley, Keyshawn Johnson, Ray Lewis, and Aaron Glenn

Pack 4: Peyton Manning (Sensations), Yancy Thigpen, Ed McCaffrey, Randall Cunningham, and John Elway

Pack 5: Chris McAlister (RC), Michael Strahan, Antowain Smith, Napoleon Kaufman, Gary Brown, and Ricky Proehl

Pack 6: Donovan McNabb (Future’s Finest Refractor – S/N 005/100), Joe Germaine, Michael Westbrook, Jake Plummer, Kordell Stewart, Trent Dilfer, and Courtney Hawkins

Pack 7: Eddie George (Gems), Eddie George, Derrick Alexander, Wayne Chrebet, Ty Law, and Chad Brown

Pack 8: Jerry Rice (Gems), Isaac Bruce, O.J. McDuffie, Keenan McCardell, Terance Mathis, and Peter Boulware

Pack 9: Rob Konrad (RC), Skip Hicks, Daunte Culpepper/Steve McNair (Main Attractions Non-Ref/Ref), Rod Smith, Brett Favre, and Reidel Anthony

Pack 10: Shaun King (RC), Muhsin Muhammed, Curtis Conway, Ricky Watters, Chris Chandler, and Steve Young

Pack 11: Jake Plummer (Sensations), Raghib Ismail, Eric Moulds, Vinny Testaverde, Jamal Anderson, and Dorsey Levens

Pack 12: Peerless Price (RC), Herman Moore, Dan Marino, Jimmy Smith, Levon Kirkland, and James Jett

Pack 13: Amos Zereoue (RC), Steve McNair, Andre Rison, Shannon Sharpe, Charles Woodson, and John Randle

Pack 14: EMMITT SMITH (Gems), Michael Sinclair, Michael Irvin, Charlie Batch, Robert Smith, Jerry Rice

Pack 15 James Johnson (RC), Joe Germaine/Troy Aikman (Main Attractions Ref/Ref), John Elway (Leading Indicators), Dan Marino (Prominent Figures S/N 3834/5084), Karim Abdul-Jabbar, and Warren Sapp

Pack 16: Champ Bailey (RC), Amos Zereoue (RC Refractor), Peyton Manning, Terry Glenn, Mike Alstott, and Antonio Freeman

Pack 17: Curtis Enis (Sensations), Marshall Faulk, Joey Galloway, Terrell Davis, Bobby Engram, and Bill Romanowski

Pack 18: Tim Couch (RC), Tim Biakabutuka, Doug Flutie, Ben Coates, Aeneas Williams, and Trent Green

Pack 19: Sedrick Irvin, Stephen Alexander, Fred Taylor, Curtis Martin, Mo Lewis, and Bert Emanuel

Pack 20: Ebenezer Ekuban (RC), Darney Scott, EMMITT SMITH, Barry Sanders, Terrell Owens, and Mark Chmura

Pack 21: Cade McNown (RC), Jake Reed, Drew Bledsoe, Tim Brown, Adrian Murrell, and Johnnie Morton

Pack 22: Dan Marino (Gems), Wesley Walls, Duce Staley, Randy Moss, Kevin Greene, and Tony Gonzalez

Pack 23: Jamal Anderson (Gems), Ty Detmer, Derrick Thomas, Troy Aikman, Garrison Heart, and Zach Thomas

Pack 24: Ricky Williams (RC), Brad Johnson, Bruce Smith, Corey Dillon, Andre Reed, and Jerome Pathon

Click images for full sized scans

I thought this was a pretty fun box break. Finest was definitely one of the best products from Topps in the late 90s, and 1999 was no exception. The base cards are good looking, the inserts are pretty nice, and of course the refractor technology is sweet. I was pleased that I didn’t pull any doubles out of 144 cards. I pulled a lot of the super stars of that day and a few of the key rookies. And of course, I am very happy with the two new additions to my Emmitt Smith collection.

So there you have it, 1999 Finest. What do you guys think of this product, or this box break in particular?


3 Responses to Product Review: 1999 Finest

  1. Chad says:

    Nice cards! I like the design, and, as an Eagles fan I love the sweet McNabb cards you pulled. Thanks for the break!

  2. jswaykos says:

    I’ve always liked Finest, too. That protective “wrapper” always made the cards seem so elite!

  3. Jordan L says:

    Very nicely done. I’m a big fan of the set. Check out the link to it, If you have some cards I don’t, I’d be happy to buy/trade for them.

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