HOF Spotlight: Joe Carr

Name: Joe Carr
Position: League Administrator
Pro Career: 1921 – 1939
Team Affiliation(s): National Football League
College: N/A
Induction Class: 1963 – Charter Member, posthumously

Brief Bio: A mastermind of early professional football, Carr co-founded the National Football League, then named American Professional Football Association, in 1920 in Canton, Ohio (present location of the Hall of Fame) and served as its president from 1921-1939. Carr established a standard player contract and fought to prevent professional teams from hiring collegian players until their eligibility was complete. Realizing that the NFL needed big-city presence to survive, Carr set his sights on New York City. In 1925, the New York Giants were formed and 70,000 fans turned out for the first game, proving Carr’s genius.

Featured Card: 1990 Swell Greats #3. Similar to Bert Bell, it is difficult to find cards of Joe Carr because he was not a player. Also, Carr died in 1939, long before football cards were commonplace. You can find several Carr cards in HOF focused sets, including the Swell Greats sets. Trivial Beckett value of this card is $0.10.


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