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Does anyone else have this problem?  I have been in the process of scanning my entire collection to share with the world, but some of the images are pretty awful.  If you have been reading any of my prior posts, you may know that I love shiny inserts from the mid 90s, when I was at the height of my wax buying just before giving it up to pursue other things…like college tuition bills.  However, I hate how my scanner refuses to get good scans of these shiny inserts. So often, the sweet reflective foil just looks black or really dark. You can’t see the detail or the amazing reflective colors that are clearly visible when you hold the card in person.  The image below of my 1995 Excalibur EdgeTech is a prime example:

Click image to see larger size, although it won’t help much

I have tried adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation in PhotoShop (which I hate doing because I feel like I’m not presenting the card fairly) in an attempt to get the digital image to look more like the actual product. Sometimes this works, but for scans as bad as the one above, this doesn’t help much. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is a great looking card in person, but I admit it looks like crap here.

Any suggestions/recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


2 Responses to Scanner Help

  1. It is not you, but rather one of the limitation of scanning certain cards! Experience has shown me there are two options:

    1) Play with the ‘smarfix’ settings in photoshop, until you get something reasonable.

    2) Take a photo of the card, using a digital camera on macro setting. If you have a strong light source (e.g. bright room with desk lamp), you can get a good photo without using a flash.

  2. jswaykos says:

    That’s strange. For as many shiny cards as I’ve scanned, I haven’t run into this yet. A lot of times I lose most of the shine, but in the process things jump out that aren’t as easy to see with the naked eye (See my posts on Sport Flix or the McGwire Soaring Star…

    My only suggestion, and it’s kind of a pain, is to just take an actual picture of it. Also, just as something different, maybe try scanning but leaving the cover open?? I have no idea why that’d help, but ya never know!

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