Mail Day: 06/01/09

I got four packages in the mail yesterday, all from my recent eBay shopping spree, which was actually very affordable (I love old stuff!). I got a few more of the Emmitt singles I purchased, so hopefully I will get them scanned and posted here in the next day or two. One of them is a glorious shiny insert from 1997 Donruss Preferred, one of my favorite products of all-time.

The fourth package was another box of older wax, 1996 Playoff Contenders Trophy. I know that I promised that 1999 Finest box break, and I am promising again that that is coming very soon. I finally got to bust the box and pulled some sweet rookies and inserts. I just want to scan a few of them first in order to provide a complete product review.

In another recent breakdown of willpower, I made a purchase at, too. Damn you Dave and Adam’s and your ridiculously low-priced boxes and supplies!

Life suddenly got rather busy on the First and Goal home front, but look for some scans and updates coming by week’s end!


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