Mail Day: 05.30.09

Today the mailman (not sexist, a male does deliver my mail) brought two special little items for me. One was an Emmitt Smith card I bought off eBay last week. There are a few others on the way, so I am being lazy and waiting to scan it until they all arrive so I can do it in one shot.

The other package was what you see below.  A “fresh” box of 1999 Topps Finest football, also purchased on eBay last week. This weekend is a bit busy, but hopefully I will get a chance to bust this and get my first full product review posted sometime next week.

Click image for a larger view


4 Responses to Mail Day: 05.30.09

  1. Mario A. says:

    Make sure you get some scans up.

    I love those old school Refractors!

  2. CPAdave says:

    I’m working on it. I busted the box and pulled a few sweet cards. Unfortunately, life got really busy all of a sudden, but hopefully I’ll have some scans for you by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest!

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere! I look foreward to reading your blog.

  4. I am looking forward to that brea, especially as I busted the basketball version at the time.

    Nice blog you have here. I have added you to my roll!

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