New Feature: HOF Spotlight

Here at First and Goal, I am pleased to announce a new feature: Hall of Fame Spotlight. This reoccurring spotlight will feature a different member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, give some basic career statistics or highlights, and showcase at least one card of the member that you should consider adding to your collection. I will start with the charter class of 1963 and work my way through the Class of 2009 (or 2012 by the time I get through the current 253 members).

For anyone who would like to stir up some controversy, rest assured that the HOF Spotlight will be different than The Definitive Collection over at Bad Wax. In fact, I already ran this idea past Mike, so any and all copycat comments are completely unwarranted.

Be sure to check back for this new feature in the near future. And I promise my next post will actually have some substance, rather than just another preview of future posts.


6 Responses to New Feature: HOF Spotlight

  1. Chad says:

    It sounds like you are copying BadWax’s “The Definitive Collection”. Copycat!

  2. CPAdave says:

    I should ban you from ever commenting again on this blog and then spam-bomb you everyday for the next three years.


  3. Chad says:

    Haha, actually, I would like to do the counterpart for the baseball hall of fame on my blog if you would be willing to let me. I really love the idea. Let me know.

  4. CPAdave says:

    Baseball ≠ Football, so it’s fine by me, as long as you don’t just copy one of my posts and change the details (without giving proper acknowledgement). Out of courtesy, you should run it past Mike though since he has already done most of his baseball Definitive Collection.

  5. Chad says:

    Of course I will run it by Mike, but it will be more closely related to yours, I’m sure. I hate plagiarism, so I would never even consider using anything close enough to misinterpret as yours. I look forward to reading your football posts!

  6. Chad says:

    Plus, it might not be something that fits into my blog at all, so I have to decide if I even want to do it…I’m just a big fan of the idea. Thanks for the permission though.

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